LB wheelsets are constructed out of the highest quality materials and are crafted by industry professionals.

Our wheelsets are stress relieved throughout the building process and tensioned to strict tolerances.

We offer all of the popular axle standards and 11 different color options for the hubs.

Our standard build is very reliable and lightweight, but if you are looking for something in particular, please check out our custom wheelset builder.

Read below for more technical information or to find out what road rim is best for your needs.

700c Rim Comparison Chart


The CX36 (RR36C02) is our mid profile cyclocross and gravel carbon wheelset. The mid-depth rim profile increases stiffness, so you can hit ruts or rail gravel corners with more confidence than ever before all while maintaining a lightweight 440g rim. The CX36 is a stocked item and many configurations can be ready to ship as few a 3 days and ordered on the CX36 Wheelset Page.

The CX46 is a 46mm deep special order cyclocross and gravel wheel.The 460g rim is built to handle high winds, mud, and sand both on the cyclocross course and on the road. The CX46 can be ordered through our Custom Wheel Builder.

The R25 (RRU25C02) is a premium special order wheel from Light Bicycle designed to make the lightest wheelset possible. Coming in at a feathery 405g per rim, this 25mm deep 700c wheel is designed to conquer mountains while still being robust enough to handle your local training ride. The R25 can be ordered through out Custom Wheel Builder.

The R35 (RRU35C02) is Light Bicycle’s premium do it all road wheel. At only 435g per rim it offers a perfect blend of aerodynamics, weight, and stiffness that make this the ideal rim for the full range full range of road riding terrain. Whether you’re chasing KOMs, racing criteriums, or preparing for your first Gran Fondo, this 35mm deep wheel will be right at home. The R35 is a stocked item and many configurations can be ready to ship as few a 3 days and ordered on the R35 Wheelset Page.

The R45 (RRU45C02) is Light Bicycle’s premium road wheel designed for performance on rolling terrain and in stiff crosswinds. With it’s 45mm depth, the R45 offers nearly all of the aerodynamic benefits of a much deeper rim in a profile that is still easy to control on a windy day. At the same time, these 475g rims build a light wheelset that will give you an advantage on all but the steepest climbs.  The R45 is a stocked item and many configurations can be ready to ship as few a 3 days and ordered on the R45 Wheelset Page.

The R55 (RRU55C02) is a special order wheel from Light Bicycle that offers unparalleled stiffness and aerodynamic benefit while still keeping your wheelset weight down at only 515g per rim. The result? A 55mm deep wheel that will have you winning both finish line and mailbox sprints all season long or make for a perfect time trial or triathlon rim when the wind picks up. The R55 can be ordered through out Custom Wheel Builder.

The R65 (RRU65C02) is a 65mm deep special order wheel from Light Bicycle that offers an incredibly stiff and aerodynamic platform to take your sprinting or time trailing to the next level. Although designed with flatter riding in mind, the competitive 540g rim weight means that this rim won’t be out of place if the road begins to tilt upward. The R65 can be ordered through out Custom Wheel Builder.

Rim Technology

Tubeless Ready

Some of our rims utilize a regular hooked clincher bead while others utilize a hookless design. Both hook and hookless rims are built using the same dimensions and materials. The max tire pressure for hooked version is 130psi while for the hookless version the mass tire pressure is 40psi. The hookless version is designed with low pressure impact resistance in mind. If you are planning to run a tire pressure above 40psi, the hooked version would be a better choice.

While the rims are optimized for a tubeless setup and come built with tubeless tape and valves, they also work with tubes.

Aerodynamic Rim Profile

With a 17.9 mm internal width and 25mm external width, our R series wheels (R25, R35, R45, R55, and R65) are the most aerodynamic and fastest rolling with a 25mm or 28mm tire. The wider CX (CX36 and CX46) series rims have a 21mm internal width and 28mm external width perform optimally with a 33-42mm tire.

Both the R Series and CX series feature a U-shape profile spreads the force of impacts and creates a more robust product while improving bike handling and stability in crosswinds by decreasing lateral resistance.

Carbon Construction

Constructed with premium Toray T700 carbon fiber for the best strength to weight ratio with no expense spared.

On rims with a brake track, the braking surface is built to help dissipate heat and offer improved braking performance through the use of our new resin system and construction method combined with the 3k rim track.

The air bladders are made from a special material which produces smoother walls, result in a lighter rim, and are completely removed without harsh chemicals. They are removed through the valve hole with a unique process so that the rim does not have to be patched like traditional manufacturers use which improves the strength.

Each rim carries its own unique layup schedule documents which are followed meticulously by the layup workers. Our Engineering team creates a unique fiber orientation which amplifies the desired riding characteristics for a given rim.

Industry 9 Hubs

Industry Nine Hubs

Featuring a lightning fast 60 point engagement freehub via a patented 3-pawl configuration that reduces both weight and drag when compared to the Industry 9 Torch Classic MTB Hubs.

Angled flanges reduced spoke stress and large diameter disc flange improves wheel stiffness and braking torque transfer. They run on high-quality Enduro Abec 5 bearings. For our rim brake bikes, we stock 20 and 24-hole hubs in black. For the disc hubs, we stock 6-bolt 24h hubs in black. Other colour options and the centerlock version of the disc hubs are available by special order and typically take 2 weeks.

We only build with the J-bend version and cannot get or build on their straight pull version. I9 hubs are durable, fast rolling, and very light at just 335g per set for the rim brake hubs and 355g per set for the 6-bolt hubs.


Sapim D-Light – This is our default option on all builds as it is the best all around double butted spoke. It tapers to 1.65mm in the middle portion and resists twisting and stretching compared to other butted spokes due to the manufacturing process.

Sapim Race – These spokes are suitable for heavy or extremely aggressive riders who need a stiffer wheel. It handles abrasion from a dropped chain or rock strikes well due to the thicker 1.8mm middle section. This option is available on all of our wheels at no extra cost.

Sapim CX-Ray – The lightest spoke in our lineup is still quite strong due to the elasticity and amazing fatigue life. These super lightweight bladed spokes are available as an upgrade on all of our wheels.


We offer black or red alloy nipples and black brass. All nipples use Sapim’s secure lock feature to prevent unwinding. They also have a raised head for 100% thread engagement and to prevent the nipple heads from breaking prematurely.

These are the strongest alloy nipples available so they are suitable for most riders.

We also stock brass for those who frequently ride in wet/salty conditions and don’t mind the extra weight. Black alloy nipples are the default option on all of our complete wheelsets, however red nipples and black brass are available through our custom wheelset builder.

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Each wheel is built using the best industry practices to ensure your investment can stand the test of time.